One thing I’ve learned about myself recently, though I’ve known for a long time that I enjoy instrumental music, is that I love to listen to music that tells a story. I’ve found myself listening to music that often seems like it should be a film score. And I do enjoy a great film score! This instrumental album by the Texas-born band Explosions in the Sky is a ride from start to finish, and it is an album that absolutely should be listened to from start to finish. Each song bleeds into the next as it leads you through a 45-minute journey from the hopeful “First Breath After Coma”, through the moody “Six Days At The Bottom Of The Ocean”, and finishing with the redeeming “Your Hand In Mine”. I highly recommend listening to this where and when you can just close your eyes and feel the music. You might recognize these guys, as they actually performed the film scores for the movies “Friday Night Lights” and “Lone Survivor”.


Please note that I use Spotify Premium and will be sharing my music with you through Spotify. I can’t be sure how this album will play for the users of the free version of Spotify. If you use another service such as Apple Music or Google Play Music, this album is available there.